Art & Aesthetics 2014-2015

By October 19, 2014 A&V 2015 No Comments

Another year of Art & Aesthetics is here! Yes, that means there will be another awesome art exhibition at the Frost Art Museum. Yes, it also means that you will get to see all kinds of pictures and hear all kinds of stories of our adventures to cool and interesting places. However, beyond all that lies a learning experience that is both valuable and rare. The students taking Art & Aesthetics this year will learn about art, its history, and how it is used as a social language. They will experience art first hand by visiting various art venues. Students will also meet with widely recognized local artists in order to show their work during the exhibition. And speaking of the exhibition, everything will be done by the students; fundraising, public relations, and even the installation of the artwork that will be shown during the exhibit.

We hope to see you at the exhibit next year; where we all can be inspired by the creative works assembled there, and marvel at the things they say.

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