A&V Simplified Breakdown

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The goal of Aesthetics and Values is to create a dialogue. It is more than just a group of students curating an art show; it is an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the purpose of art in a society. This is through a hybrid of approaches, starting with a crash course on art history; this is done with a series of lectures, and field trips to various art venues. The more hands on portion is an art as service project which has student volunteer for arts organizations and provide reflections on what was gain. The crown jewel is setting up the show, breaking students into artist groups to work with recognized artist to have a piece created for the exhibit. Students are also involved in one of three show committees: Fundraising: creates the revenue to produce the catalog and throw the reception party Public Relations: creates buzz and hype which attracts the audience Exhibition: is responsible for the physical exhibit Through this a class will gain valuable insights into a under-understood topic and a university will be brought together in a conversation about art and its impact.